About Me


Lancaster city resident. 8th generation Lancastrian. Dad. Father of 4. Orthodox Christian. Pro-Life. Social conservative. Conservative Republican.

Lived in and worked in Russia for 25 years, mostly in financial markets and private equity. I specialized in large agri-business investments transforming Russian agriculture. My wife is Russian and I speak Russian and German fluently. Born in Germany to a German mother.

Starting in 2014, I began publishing alternative media websites:

Russian-faith.com – a site about the remarkable Christian renaissance underway in Russia which the mainstream media won’t report on.

Russia-insider.com – a crowd-funded aggregator site devoted to exposing the relentless lies in the media about all things Russian – politics, Christianity, culture, history.

Truthtopowernews.com – an aggregator general news site which isn’t afraid to address topics which are off-limits in our censored mainstream media, particularly a badly-needed, intelligent discussion of Jewish influence on our politics and culture.